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VIP Medical Services

VIP MED SERVICES was established in 2010 in order to offer high quality medical care for the treatment and rehabilitation of chronic medical conditions t foreign patients.
 Through our services a patient suffering from a chronic condition and is covered under his national insurance or his private insurance, can have a second opinion from experts and plan a health/wellness trip combining it with a leisure trip all around Greece.
 VIP MED services has agreements for this part  - Medical Tourism -  with all major and reputable clinics in Greece and with High quality rehabilitation centres.
 The preferred centre and clinics are based in Athens and in Thessaloniki.
Based on the ancient maxim of Hippocrates "THE BEST OF PROLAMVANEIN cure" we do our best to be correct and complete screening Hospital HEALTH. Holding the reigns of the first, year after year confirm the desire for continuous improvement and offer excellent service in comfortable rooms, equipped with the latest medical technology.

Our guests enjoy the special attention, making a wide range of tests tailored to individual needs without undue delay and with full planning. During the small waiting room at the CHECK-UP can visit websites or look for information on PC / Internet corner available in the waiting lounge, enjoy a sophisticated breakfast and learn about the results of the check-up through digitized program of medical examinations by an ultramodern Computer Surface Platform, through systems Medilab (digital presentation of the results of diagnostic tests and medical examinations) and Impax (digital readout results of imaging examinations). O This computer area used to display all the results of screening performed with an innovative and entertaining way. Also through the computer surface allow for viewing of short educational video about medical issues related guests section (eg, prevention of heart attacks, smoking effects, etc.) and utilized for medical purposes, especially if an intellectual empowerment.

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