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It is important to obtain appropriate medical travel advice, destination-specific disease risks, relevant vaccinations and medical facility capabilities in the region. Risks, including accidents and injury, must always be considered when advising a traveler. The return of the travelers back home healthy is also be of vital importance. Especially  travelling to destinations far from home travelers are unaware of their risk of contracting travel-related infections and do not  follow recommended recommendations,  such as dietary restrictions or injury avoidance.  
Infectious diseases contracted abroad have both medical and financial impacts and loss of enjoyment.  Financial impacts include medical expenses on post and back home, plus lost wages to the traveler.
Pre travel advice should be taken and includes:
  • Medical information: topics include vaccination requirements, infectious diseases common in destinations, food and water safety, and tips on staying healthy while abroad
  • Travel information: includes country and city profiles, cultural issues and etiquette, embassies and consulates, passport and visa requirements, etc.
  • Security information

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