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Smartphone application Alert

  1. HWA Alert
HWA alert is an application which gives you the possibility by pressing a single alarm button on your smart phone to get a call back within seconds from the alarm center.
At the same moment your coordinates are noted on a map visible in the alarm center. The coordinator can then within seconds give you advise on the nearest medical facilities, police dept., embassies etc.
On the application you can also register a voice mail of 15 seconds and send it to the alarm center.
  1. iAtros is an innovative application, created to provide peace of mind and the utmost sense of security. Through the use of this application you can: 
A. “iAtros" app will notify the 24-hour call center about the condition of your health. It offers health services for those individuals travelling abroad, providing the following health services:
-Medical help lines including, optical and dental health -Major incident support
-Home and hotel assistance -Call center services
-Hotel Accommodation -Emergency repatriation
-Hotel – hospital transfer
-Taxi arrangements
-Ambulance arrangements
-Doctor visit arrangements
B. Additionally, the iAtros app provides you with a detailed, up-to-date directory of hospitals, medical centers and doctors of all specialties that are closest to you. Our philosophy is to provide the best in quality services, in the most cost effective and expedient manner. When travelling abroad or even in your everyday life, you may find yourself in a situation that you require medical aid or assistance of any kind, from access to simple information, such as the location of the closest hospitals and medical centers, or the provision of more specialized medical advice. You may even require emergency medical assistance. iAtros app provides helpful and even lifesaving assistance, connecting you directly to its 24-hour call center. Imagine being at home alone or even in a remote area in a foreign country when a health problem should occur. With the simple press of a button on your smartphone, the 24-hour call center is immediately notified of your exact location. Within seconds of receiving your alert, well-trained staff will provide you a solution

You can download the manual of application by clicking here.


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